Bring It On, Duke!


It’s game night! UNC vs Duke! There is no bigger rivalry in college basketball! 

With a win over Duke tonight we will be in third place in the ACC standings. It’s respectable! Even if we lose, we’ll still be in third place but we’ll be tied with Duke for that placing. Yuck. I don’t want to be tied with them. So we MUST win tonight!

Having started the conference at 1-4 we have now won 12 straight! That’s the Tar Heels that I know and love! I knew we had it in us!

We won the last meeting…..let’s win the second one as well! GO HEELS!


On another note, I had my MRI on Thursday. I nearly had a panic attack! I felt so claustrophobic in that machine….I was sure I was going to have to make them pull me out. But I knew if I did that then I would have to start over. So I just closed my eyes and breathed in and out slowly.

Not sure when I’m going to get the results but I’m not too worried about it. Honestly, if something was seriously wrong I know I would get a phone call telling me to come back in. So I’m not going to stress about it.


I’m still struggling through A Discovery of Witches. I don’t know what my problem is! I want to read this book but I can’t seem to get past chapter 5. That’s not cool, man. Not cool at all. I want to like this book. Everyone has given it such good ratings!