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No Eloquent Words Here….

I’ve never been one with the words, lol. As much as I love reading and writing, words seem to fail me at the worst possible moment.

It’s also a curse of “fibro fog”. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in December of 2016 but I’ve had it for years. I just couldn’t get a doctor who believed the condition existed. But finally, my PCP determined it was indeed fibro and started me on meds to help with the pain. (which actually had to be switched to a different med but that’s another story, lol) He also tested me for lupus which the blood work DID indicate that my levels were elevated but it was just barely over. So he’s treating me for the fibro and will run more blood work in Dec. If it’s still positive then he will send me to a specialist.

But back to what I was saying…..words escape me sometime and I’ll be typing a sentence and literally forget what I was supposed to be typing. I’ll be in mid sentence talking to someone and forget. It’s a curse, lol

Like now for instance….I literally had a topic in mind for the rest of this blog but I’m drawing a blank…..

So I’ll leave you with this…….



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