My Story

So I decided I’d like to share with whoever is reading this (all two or three of ya, lol) of how I came to Christ.

I grew up in church. I did the whole church thing from the time I was a little girl. I memorized Scripture, participated in Bible Sword Drill, even made it to the National competition for Sword Drill. (I lost in the final round)

In short, I was full of head knowledge. But I didn’t have the heart. I was going through all the motions of being a so-called Christian.

I even went to a Bible college. It was when I came home for Spring Break that I finally understood I wasn’t the person everyone seem to think I was.

On March 16, 2003, I was at church and there was an evangelist speaking. He uttered a phrase that has stayed with me to this very day. He said “You can be 99% sure but you’re still 100% lost.” Right then and there God opened my eyes. I knew then that I was NOT a Christian. And so I went to the altar and surrendered my life to Him.

It will be 15 years in March. In those 15 years I have definitely slipped, as we all do, but God has given me a heart for Him and I have rededicated my life. I can tell you without a doubt that when I die, I will wake up in Heaven face to face with Jesus.

Will you?


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