Satan’s trying his best…..

….but I’m not going to let him win….

I’m so tired today. And in some pain. My knees are killing me. For the past several weeks anytime I stand up or sit down or climb stairs my knees just ache. Both of them. It’s very annoying. I’d like to just be a normal 34 year old.

I’m guessing it’s my fibromyalgia acting up. I’m on Lyrica and it seemed to be helping all my aches and pains but lately the pain has been more pronounced. So I’m guessing my doctor is going to have to up my dosage.  These flare ups are so not cool.

You know? I could totally get discouraged about all my health ailments! (Fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, possibly PCOS, pituitary microadenoma) It would be so easy to and most people wouldn’t blame me. But what’s the point in that? In all honesty, it just ruins my quality of life even more. So though I don’t understand WHY God has allowed me to go through all these health problems I’m going to ACCEPT that He has a reason for it.

I’m not going to let Satan defeat me. Sometimes it seems like he’s going to win but I’ve got God on my side. Satan will never win!