Grace is Greater, part 2


I’m currently on Chapter 8 of this book by Kyle Idleman. Ya’ll, it’s amazing. Here are a few more quotes I’ve come to love:

  • Grace is a two way street. Receiving it from God but refusing to give it to others isn’t an option. Grace flows.
  • Grace is always greater
  • If God’s forgiven your sins, you can’t continue keeping track of the sins of others.
  • If you refuse to forgive and keep the person who sinned against you locked in a prison of your bitterness, guess who’s paying? You are. You’re the one losing sleep. You’re the one whose stomach hurts. You’re the one whose relationships are being infected by bitterness.
  • We’re never more like God than when we forgive

There are so many more but I want to encourage you to read this book. In fact, read all of his books. He is fantastic!

I struggle with the bitterness and anger towards a certain person in my life. I finally sat down yesterday and wrote this person a letter, expressing how I have been feeling. I realized that I’ll never truly experience freedom in Christ as long as I continue to harbor this bitterness.

This person is not a Christian and my behavior has NOT been Christlike whatsoever. How can I expect to win this person to Christ if I’m not showing Christ’s love towards them?

I’m not the same person I was 6 months ago. God has totally gotten a hold of my heart and has been convicting me of this bitterness and anger.

I don’t know if this person has read the letter yet but that’s not the point. I have finally released this situation to the Lord and am letting Him take over. I can now enjoy more freedom in Christ by releasing this bitterness.

God gave me grace. I must extend grace to others.





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