Mom’s Surgery

Hey ya’ll! So my mom had surgery yesterday (10/23) to have her left knee replaced…..again. This is the second revision she has had to have on this knee. She did extremely well! And the new doctor is confident this time it will stick! 🙂 She will be in the hospital until Thursday and then be transferred to a rehab center for a couple weeks. She’s already doing so much better. And I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s a pro at this by now.

I’ve been in the weirdest of moods the past several days. I’m not anxious, per say, but I’m not exactly calm either. It’s the strangest of things.

My doctor upped my dosage on my Lyrica today but I can’t get it from the pharmacy until the stupid prior authorization goes through. I’ve been on Lyrica for months now. The only thing different is the dosage so why in the world is my insurance not wanting to pay? Hopefully it goes through soon though. I’ve been having a minor flare up the past couple of weeks with the fibro.

I had so much more that I wanted to write but I’m having the hardest time focusing today. (stupid ADHD) So maybe later on I’ll be able to get back on here.

Just wanted to give ya’ll an update!


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