gods at war

Hey y’all, I am rereading “gods at war” by Kyle Idleman and came across some quotes I’d like to share with you.

“Anything at all can become an idol one it becomes a substitute for God in our lives.”

“Idols are defeated not by being removed but by being replaced”

“When we look to someone other than God to complete us and define our lives, it’s idolatry.”

“What we sacrifice the most for has the potential to become a God replacement.”

“What you are searching for and chasing after reveals the god that is winning the war in your heart.”

Kyle Idleman has a way with words that really hit home with me. This book has really opened my eyes to any “gods” I may have in my life. And I do.

My God is a jealous God who wants ALL of me and nothing less. He sent his SON to DIE for me so I owe Him everything!

This book is a must read! All of his books are!

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