Self involved

I finally admitted to my mom today that I realized I can be self involved. I’ve never opened up like this before and of course the tears started flowing.

I think I’ve known I can be self involved for quite some time now but was just in denial. I mean, c’mon who wants to admit a flaw like this? But God has been working in my heart and has made me realize I need to stop focusing on myself and start focusing on others.

It’s not easy to open up like this. I don’t like feeling like this, feeling vulnerable. I don’t want others to see me like this. But God has spoken to me and it’s time I addressed this flaw.

Hi, my name is Leigh and I am self involved. I think of myself first. I tend to think of others only after I am comfortable myself. Do I mean to do this? No!! I don’t mean to be self involved! I don’t WANT to be self involved. This is going to be hard to overcome at first but by the grace of God I will overcome this flaw.

I only have one request of all of you who read this blog: please pray for me that I can stop focusing on myself and allow God to work in me.