Winter Weather


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No snow for us, unfortunately. We’re getting the nasty, cold rain instead. It makes me sad because I LOVE snow and we hardly ever get it. However, at the same time, I hate the cold weather because it wreaks havoc on my body because of my fibromyalgia. So it’s a love/hate relationship. I LOVE the snow because it’s so pretty but I HATE the cold weather.

Image result for snowI want a blizzard! I want to be snowed in! People call me crazy but I don’t care. I just love it. I’ve never built a true snowman…..I’ve never built a snow fort. I know I’ll pay for it with all the body pain I’ll be in afterwards but I think it will be worth it! Because after doing all that I can come inside, pull out the heating pad and curl up with a good book!

Snow is just beautiful to look at! Everything is peaceful and calm, serene even. It’s God’s masterpiece, God’s creation.

How do you feel about the snow? Take or leave it?

Verse of the day:

And whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men. Colossians 3:23

How many times do we do things in order to gain approval of others? How many times do we do things in order to bring the glory to God and not ourselves? I know I’m guilty of it.

My prayer for us today is that we will do things with God in mind, not ourselves.




  1. I want you to have snow but I don’t want it hahaha. We get a blizzard every 12 to 15 years, and I am fine with that. 😉 I have out grown trying to get others approval. I try to get God’s. The other is a little harder. I try to do things that bring glory for God, and when people thank me, or give me the credit, it makes me uncomfortable. I always correct it but people seem to not take it too well. Am I 100% nope but with God’s help, it is getting better. Wonderful post Leigh, and I hope you get many, many feet of snow just please keep it where you are and don’t share it with me :):):)

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