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I’m More than Just the “Typical” Christian Lady

What a great post! I agree with this wholeheartedly!

Justified And Redeemed

Happy 2018!

I’m going to start 2018 with a lesson for my ladies, and I feel like we should make this year the year where we refuse to be the typical “Christian lady,” and I’ll explain why.

For the most of my life, I was raised in Christian school; however, halfway through my sophomore year of high school, I had to transfer to a public school, but now I am back to a Christian university and I have noticed things throughout my years in Christian schooling.

Anyways, to give more a backstory, I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was a few weeks away from my 13th birthday, so during eighth grade and high school, my walk with Christ was just starting out. However, even when I first gave my life to Christ and I was still new in my faith, I got a comment from one of…

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