I went to my doctor yesterday to see about getting some relief for my knees. I have been dealing with a quite a bit of pain in both knees for the past 6 months or so. I finally decided I needed to see my doctor and see about getting into therapy or something.

I have tendonitis in both knees! So he’s given me meds to help with the inflammation and pain and referred me to physical therapy for the time being. Unfortunately, I discovered that my insurance doesn’t cover physical therapy so I need to call my doctor back and see what I’m supposed to do. I have some exercises that I can do at home but I know my doctor was hoping for me to get to an actual therapist.

If after 3 months I’m still having pain then my doctor is going to order an MRI and possibly give me cortisone shots. I’ve had cortisone shots before in my shoulder and in my right knee so I know what to expect with that.

Please pray that we can figure out a way for me to get physical therapy because I know it will definitely help the knees! I’m going to do some therapy of my own but I would much rather have a therapist to keep me accountable! LOL



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