Let the Madness Begin!

*Disclaimer* For the next few weeks, my blog posts will most likely be basketball related as it is that time of year! And it will just be random thoughts I have throughout the tourney.

March Madness is officially underway.

My bracket is already busted. LOL.

That’s the beauty of March Madness though! I love it! This is my absolute favorite time of year! Basketball is on all day long!

The Tar Heels entered the tournament as a #2 Seed and will play Lipscomb, the #15 seed tomorrow at 2:45. I’m pumped! GO HEELS!

I have us advancing to the Final Four.

I’m currently watching the Villanova/Radford game. I have Villanova advancing in my bracket and so far they look good. πŸ™‚

Why do I like basketball so much? I just love the passion involved and the competitiveness of it all.  It’s just a fun sport for me to watch!

I’ve been going back and forth between games all afternoon. Loyola-Chicago busted my bracket by beating Miami but that’s okay. This is their first tournament win since 1985! Pretty cool.

I tend to like the underdogs. There is just something about a no-name team coming from behind and beating the big guys that gets me excited! (Unless the big guy is my Tar Heels, then not so much, lol)

If you’ve made it this far in the post, you are to be congratulated. My thoughts are literally all over the place.

I promise to be back with more inspiring posts, lol. March just has me crazy!

It’s the madness, I tell you!







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