Madness to Sadness

My beloved Tar Heels lost in the round of 32 yesterday! 😦

Our dreams of a repeat championship have died.

The madness has turned to sadness for some people.

But MAN, has this year’s tournament been insane! UVA screwed up EVERY SINGLE BRACKET in the nation by losing to UMBC. It finally happened! A #1 seed lost to a #16 seed. 

So who am I rooting for now that my Heels are out? Well, for starters, I hope Michigan CRUSHES Texas A&M in the Sweet 16. (That’s the team that we lost to yesterday) And as long as Duke doesn’t win, I’m fine with whoever wins the championship.

This has been an insane tournament this year. So many upsets!

If you are following the tournament, who are you rooting for?


4 thoughts on “Madness to Sadness”

      1. Hehe! Thank goodness! Lol! My sons coach last season was a big Tar Heal fan. My son came to practice in a Duke shirt and boy did it cause a debate! Ha His coach had to point out his NC tattoo even. We all had a good laugh 😂

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