My “migraine” Update

So apparently my weeklong “migraine” was not a migraine after all. I knew something was different when I went to the ER this past Tuesday but they diagnosed it as a migraine and sent me home, telling me to follow-up with my primary care doctor. Which I did. And my “migraine” turned out to be muscle spasms in my neck. My doctor asked me if I was having pain in my shoulders as well and I replied yes but because I also have bursitis in my right shoulder after breaking my collarbone 2 years ago, I just figured it was the bursitis acting up.

But my doctor felt my neck and shoulders and informed me I had muscle spasms in the trapezius muscle, which extends to the back of my head where most of my pain was taking place. It was throbbing and pulsating which is why I thought it was a migraine to begin with. And I guess that’s why the ER thought the same. But I’m slightly irritated that they didn’t catch it. Kind of makes me wonder, you know? I’m not a fan of that ER but it’s literally 5 minutes from my house.

So my doctor gave me Diclofenac and a muscle relaxant to help ease the pain. And it’s working! Praise the Lord!

I also got a shot of cortisone in my left knee. I received one in my right knee a few weeks ago and it has eased my knee pain immensely. I’m heading out of town the first week of May and want to be able to walk around with no knee pain. I’ve been struggling with both knees for at least a year now. But the insurance I have doesn’t cover physical therapy so I have to do things on my own.

So how have you guys been? I’ve been out of it the past month and haven’t posted nearly as much as I usually do. I’ve tried catching up with as many of your blog posts as I can.

The book I’m reading, “Not God Enough” by J.D Greear is amazing. I’m on Chapter 11 now. (Yes, I am a very fast reader, lol).

I’m also reading an Amish fiction novel by Ruth Reid called “A Woodland Miracle” that I picked up at Ollie’s for $2.99! I discovered it’s book 2 in a series so I’m going to have to locate the other two books! It’s great! I love reading Amish fiction. The Amish have always fascinated me. Their lifestyle is just so completely different from ours, you know?

Well, that’s all for now. Time to take my meds and just relax for the night. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you are all doing well!


5 thoughts on “My “migraine” Update”

  1. Glad you are well. I have started a business is my website. I have been a voice for those who didn’t have one. That’s been going… God will get the Glory! Hoping to get some classes done to do everything well. I love reading. I have read Nikki Arana (spelled her last name wrong) but she has biblical fiction books. One is called “As I have loved you”. I highly recommend it. Blessings to you Leigh.

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  2. I’m so glad they found out the real reason for the pain. My mom love Amish fiction too! We have an Ollie’s 45 minutes from my parents and my mom and grandma both plan to take me, eventually ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited to go!

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