Image result for lifeLife is weird. Life is crazy. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Life has a way of sneaking up on a person.

I’ve always been told that when life hands you lemons, make some lemonade! I can’t say I’ve always held that positive attitude.

But I serve a Savior who always has my back. Life has thrown me major curveballs throughout the years and I’ve let a majority of them take me out. But when I came to know Christ and know Him fully….He took those curveballs out for me! He always has my back.

When life tries to pull me down Jesus is there, pulling me back up. When life is going great, when things are going my way, Jesus is STILL there with me.

Image result for Gods loveThe point is this: Life will surprise you time after time but there is a God who will always be there for you. He loves you that much.

His love is greater than life itself.

I’m reading “Shaken” by Tim Tebow right now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tebow, he is a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who played for the Florida Gators and was drafted in 2010 by the Denver Broncos. He had a very successful college career but failed to succeed in the NFL, being traded to several different teams before finally being cut by the New England Patriots and is now out of the NFL.

Tebow has faced much scrutiny throughout his career due to his faith in Jesus Christ. He is very outspoken about his faith and was famously known for kneeling in the end zone and giving credit to God during games. He was mocked for this and he never fully gained success in the NFL.

Image result for shaken tim tebowHis book, “Shaken” is about his journey staying grounded in the face of disappointment, criticism and intense media scrutiny. He talks about the lessons he learned throughout the way, building confidence in his identity with God and not the world.

Though traveling hard roads is not easy, it’s always worth it!

Some quotes from those who have read his book:

Tim has always inspired me with his dedication to grow and improve in all aspects of life, especially his faith. With this book, Tim encourages readers to keep moving and stay strong while battling life’s obstacles.

Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers

Tim is a remarkable example of one who combines strength and boldness with kindness and compassion.

Ravi Zacharias , apologist, author, and president of RZIM

Tim is a role model, an inspiration to those who have a dream and are willing to accept life as a journey full of ups and downs.

Jon Bon Jovi, singer-songwriter

Whether or not you’ve followed Tim’s career, Shaken speaks to something we’ve all had to deal with–trusting God when the plans for our lives don’t work out.

Judah Smith, lead pastor, The City Church, New York Times best-selling author of Jesus Is____

I’m not very far into the book but what I’ve read is excellent so far. Here’s a couple of quotes from him:

I am a child of God. My foundation for who I am is grounded in my faith. In a God who loves me. In a God who gives me purpose. In a God who sees the big picture. In a God who always has a greater plan

It’s important to take God’s love personally, though it may not be an easy thing to do. Sure, God loves the world but he also loves each one of us individually. With billions of people on the planet, I know it can be hard to comprehend His love for us personally.

Sure, I struggle with God’s love for me sometimes. How on earth can God love someone like me? But He does and He always will. Is that hard to accept sometimes? Yes, but I work through it.

This is going to be a great read, I can already tell.

Have you read it?

When life hands you lemons or throws you curveballs…..what do you do?