Why Do I Blog?

Photo by Olivia Snow on Unsplash

I want this blog to succeed. I really do. I want others to read it and come to know Christ as their personal Savior.


Or do I? Am I really blogging for Christ? Or am I blogging for myself and my glory?

I’m trying too hard to be something I’m not. Lately, it seems I’m trying too hard to bring glory to myself and not to God. I’m doing it without even realizing it.

Well God got my attention.

In my devotions this morning, I came across this quote from Mark Batterson

If you aren’t willing to listen to EVERYTHING God has to say, you eventually won’t hear ANYTHING He has to say.

That really got me to thinking. Am I truly listening to God when it comes to this blog? Am I listening to His still, small voice and waiting for HIS guidance on how to run this blog? Or am I only listening to bits and pieces?

Well that won’t work. I can’t just listen to the bits and pieces. I must listen to EVERYTHING God has to say.

I also realize that if I truly want to be a successful blogger, I must be committed. I can’t be halfhearted. Do I truly want this? Is blogging something I really want to do? I must decide this. More importantly, is blogging something GOD wants me to do? THAT is the question I must answer.

With my chronic illness, however, there will be days I can’t get on here. Which is why I must start blogging as much as I can on days I’m feeling my best. I’m not exactly feeling my best today but I’m fighting through the pain and through the brain fog to get this post out. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not trying to use my illness as an excuse. I’m just being realistic.

Basically it comes down to this: WHY do I blog? Am I blogging for Christ? Or am I blogging for myself?

Why do YOU blog?


  1. Amen!

    I blog because I want light and glory to go to Him. I want to encourage the body of believers to come together for each other, but more important, go to Christ and have a very intimate relationship with Him. I love what you said because it’s really true. We can, even if we blog the “right” stuff, have our heart in the wrong place. Our readers may not know but God knows and He can prick our spirit.

    I’m going to add this to the community spotlight and my Christian bloggers to check out board on Pinterest. 🙂

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  2. Very important to examine our motivations and make sure pride doesn’t creep in!
    I believe God called me to write and I started my blog as a way to increase my confidence and dip my toes in the waters of writing for the public. My heart is for the lost, hurting, and broken in this world, that they may know the love of Christ and ultimately that’s what I want to do through my blog.

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