God’s Timing

“I want it now!” “Gimmie, gimmie gimmie”

We live in a world where we have to have it OUR way in OUR time. We get so impatient when we don’t get what we want right away.

I found out yesterday that my disability hearing scheduled for today was cancelled due to the judge being unavailable and that it could be another 3-4 months before I get another hearing date. Talk about devastated! I have been waiting for this date for over a year! I wanted this so badly.

But God’s timing is not my timing. He has a reason for this.

And like any human being, I wish I knew what this reason was.

Because I’m struggling. Not just financially but mentally. Finding out I may have to wait another 3-4 months is killing me. I’ve already waited over a year for this date.

But no matter what, I know God hasn’t left me. He’s always going to be there for me.  I just need to remember that.

God always keeps His promises.

He is faithful.

He is just.