Proper Perspective

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So on Sunday mornings, my pastor has been going through the book of Philippians and has titled his series “Everyday Joy”

He has been talking about finding perspective in our situations. He shares with us that JOY is what we need. Not happiness because happiness is fleeting.

Now I’ve missed a few Sundays due to illness and being out of town but I thought I’d share with you some of my notes from the Sundays I was there.

Life lived independent from God is empty

Happiness is fleeting…..Joy is Eternal.

True joy delights in God, not our circumstances.

The key to joy and contentment is having the mind of Christ……the key to the mind of Christ is fellowship with Christ.

Our JOY is centered in Christ

A test of godly joy is the degree to which a believer prays more for the needs of others than for his own.

Our JOY is found with living the proper perspective!

How we behave when hardships happen tells unbelievers that our faith is more than a form of life, it is a force in life. It says that Christianity is REAL!

If a Christian behaves as a Christian when things are tough it is proof of 3 things:

Faith is real

We are real

God is real

How do you behave when hardships arise?



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  1. Amen!!!! I so badly want to show others during my times of trial how God moves, and how He truly hears us. I know He has already guided me in many things, and helped out, this past week alone!

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