Bring it On, Florence!

Well, as I write this, we are anxiously awaiting Hurricane Florence to arrive. She has been so unpredictable so there is a good chance we won’t get hit directly, which actually disappoints me. Call me crazy but I love storms! It has a calming effect on me, actually. Yes, I know, I’m weird. I actually want this hurricane to hit!

Actually, right now, she is a tropical storm but is expected to gain strength and become a major hurricane again. Bring it on, Florence!

I did some writing yesterday! I hand wrote ten pages front and back! I was so very proud of myself. I forced myself to write through the frustrations of brain fog. It was a struggle but I did it! Sometimes I had to stop and then come back to it but that’s okay! It’s slowly but surely coming back to me!

I’m doing some more writing today. It seems to be just gibberish but hey, at least I’m writing and getting myself back into the swing of things!

How’s your Saturday going?