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Related imageMy church could use your prayers! We are undergoing a lot of changes and have recently come to find out that our building is no longer fit for us to meet in.

There is a lot of water damage and the air quality report came back with very bad results. It’s all happening so quickly so we may not be able to meet together until we can find a place to worship. And boy are we looking!!

While all of this happening with our building, we are also re-launching as a new church with a new name. Prevail Church. It’s a very fitting name, I believe, for we have done a lot of suffering lately. But we WILL prevail!!

We have had many people leave the church for various reasons, but mostly because they do not like the change we are going through with our new pastor. (oh yeah, we recently hired a new pastor who is AMAZING and is doing GREAT things for this church by the way.)

These people who have left are saying very unkind things on social media about the direction the church is going. It’s a very sad situation and it breaks my heart to read some of the comments. I have had to bite my tongue so often it’s gotten sore! But I refuse to say anything negative because that’s how wars get started. And I refuse to be a part of that. Satan is really on the rampage right now, trying to get us to fail. But guess what? That’s right, WE WILL PREVAIL! WE ARE PREVAIL CHURCH!


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4 thoughts on “Prevail!

  1. The Like is for the quote and the many blessings that God has brought thus far… and will continue to bring. I am praying for you, your church, and all of those who have left. God loves you, Leigh! And He loves His church!

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  2. When my home church pastor first came, I was 9, a lot of people left because he preached holiness. People struggled with conviction and not just feel good sermons. Where the Lord is there will be growth even when others are struggling and trying to bring others down, whether they realize it or not. May you all continue to grow as a body.

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