I Survived My First Week!

I worked Tuesday through Saturday this week and I survived! Let me tell you, coming back to a retail job during the holidays was probably not the BEST idea but I made it work!

I bought an activity tracker to track my steps for $10 today! I just wanted to have some sort of tracker that tracked my steps so I could see how many steps a day I’m getting. And I know it’s not 10,000, lol. But now that I’m back in retail, I should get tons of steps lol. Maybe not 10,000 but I’ll set a reasonable goal and go from there.

I’m still working on my book though it’s going to take a little longer now that I’m back at work. This week by the time I got home, I just didn’t have the energy to sit down and write. I just need to learn to adjust, is all.

No automatic alt text available.Prevail Church HAS A LOCATION!!! I REPEAT, PREVAIL CHURCH HAS A LOCATION!

I know I’ve mentioned this but it was made official just a couple of days ago! (I wasn’t aware it wasn’t official when I first announced it, whoops, my bad)) We are very very excited to start on this new journey. Our launch date is March 3. If you are in the Norfolk, VA area PLEASE look us up! Check out our website Prevail Church We would love to have you come! For those of you NOT in the area, continue to pray for us as we start working real hard after the holidays to get things ready for Launch Sunday.

Thanks for your prayers and Merry Christmas!!!


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