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Meet Matty!

IMG_1711-2.jpgMeet Matty, everyone! I am currently watching her for a friend while she is out of town!

Matty is a peekapoo and is just so adorable that I had to share this picture! I absolutely LOVE this picture of her. I got her looking right at the camera! I tried getting some other pictures but nope, one was enough for her, LOL.

We’ve been on walks, where she thinks she’s big stuff against other dogs. She’s 14 years old yet still acts like a puppy sometimes! She loves to growl at her tail and run in circles when she needs to go outdoors! She can sneeze on command which I find so hilarious that I’m constantly making her sneeze.

I think she has sniffed every square inch of my house, lol. I’m sure going to miss her when it’s time for her to go back to her home!

She’s definitely got me wrapped around her little paw! I’ve let her sleep with me and the first night I didn’t get much sleep because I was so afraid I’d push her off the bed but each night has gotten better. She lets me sleep til at least 6 in the morning then wastes no time letting me know it’s time to go out!

She has her little blanket she sleeps with because she gets super cold.

Oh how I’m going to miss her!



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