Prevail Church Update


So I’m excited to share with you that our launch Sunday is less than 2 weeks away! We are launching on March 3rd and if you’re in the Hampton Roads area, we’d love to have you!

Below is a video by my pastor, Jonathan Sexton explaining who Prevail is what we are about. Take a look!

Our Culture

Genuine Connection

Life is full of expectations and we struggle everyday to meet those. We desire a place of worship without them. Our pastors, our greeters, our people are simply real. We create sincere and authentic relationships with genuine people.

Bold Truth

We equip people with Bible-centered teaching. It’s all about Jesus. We meet you where you are and grow together in faith. Out of our love for Jesus and love for others we will impact our city and the world.

Unhinged Generosity

Can you really love others more than yourself? Sounds crazy, right? At Prevail, we give back what has been given to us. We choose to give of our time, talents, and finances joyfully as the hands and feet of Jesus.

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