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Happy Planning!

img_1802A few of my coworkers have these planners called “The Happy Planner.” I finally caved and bought one of my own.  I’ve been told it’s addicting. And now I see what they mean. I have been making trips to different craft stores in order to find stickers to help decorate the planner!

If you aren’t aware of what “The Happy Planner” is,

The Happy Planner® is a customizable disc-bound planner system that combines your LOVE for CREATIVITY with your NEED for ORGANIZATION

Now, I’m not the most creative person in the world but it’s still fun! And I really really REALLY need to get organized in my life!


I’ve been having so much fun trying to get organized!

There are different types of planners and I found the perfect one. It’s faith based! There is room for me to include Scripture. It also has an area each month that I can include blessings I have encountered!

I’m so excited about starting this organizational journey!


On another note, I am leaving tomorrow to head to TN to see my dad! My flight leaves SUPER early but that’s okay. That just means I won’t be spending all day in an airport. Because let’s face it, who likes that?

I was able to get two weeks off of work (so thankful!!!) and I can’t wait to get back to TN.

Well, y’all, I hope you are having a great day so far!