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“Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

….it’s off to work I go.”

Well, not for another hour but since I have time I thought I’d write a blog post.

I haven’t been doing much writing lately. Oh, I’ve been writing on here but I haven’t been working on any other projects. Everything has been sitting on the back burner as I try to figure out what to write.

I’ve been distracted as of late. I have been spending too much time on social media. Plus, I come home from work exhausted and not wanting to write. (Stupid fibromyalgia and brain fog)

When I was in the 4th grade we were asked to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. My little 9 year old self immediately put pencil to paper and wrote. Then it dawned on me. I wanted to be a writer! (I sure wish I had kept that essay.)

Writing was so much fun for me as I grew up. In high school, I started writing poetry and even had a couple of them published in anthologies, which my mom of course bought and they are now sitting in our living room.

But soon, my writing sort of hit a plateau. Writing just wasn’t fun for me anymore. And I didn’t understand why.

Of course, it was around this time that I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was 17. Then about 5 years later I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I hated life, you guys. I hated it so much. I started writing again but it was dark stuff. Stuff I’d never share with anyone. In fact, I believe I’ve thrown it away.

I found Jesus through all of this and while I still struggle with my rollercoaster of emotions, I know that Jesus is with me and will get me through it all. I feel as God has called me to write. It’s been a passion of mine since I was 9 years old. I may have lost my way along the years but I know that if I turn my concerns over to Him, He will get me through this. 🙂

How do you write through the frustrations of writer’s block?




6 thoughts on ““Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

  1. The last couple of times I have had writers block, I research, so look on Pinterest, read other peoples blogs. Then if that doesn’t work, I will stay off social media and be creative or get outside clear my head. That usually helps! I hope these help you. I feel like that sometimes, too exhausted to write haha xxx

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  2. In answer to your question, prayer and lots of it. I also will go through my verse collection that I have sorted by subject. Sometimes I will just start writing as I talk with God. Anything to get words on paper.
    Other times I just have to wait until God prompts me to write. My health gets in the way alot, so I know what you mean there too.

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  3. I love your openness about this ❤ it isn't always easy.

    I like worshipping God through music and usually afterward, even if the words are not a full page, something gets written.


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