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**Reblog**How to Transform Your Thought Life

LOVE this post! We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!

Tizzie's Tidbits of Truth


Slowly, I began to close my eyes as I drifted off to sleep. Even though I was in church and people were probably staring at me, I just couldn’t stay awake. Sleep was just too tempting.

As much as I hate to feel tired, I also hate that I can’t seem to focus during the sermon on Sunday mornings. Or during prayer, worship, or Bible reading.  

My lack of focus is sometimes due to a lack of sleep, but most of the time, I can’t focus simply because I’m thinking about something entirely different.

At church, I think about where we’re going to eat lunch after the service. As I read my Bible, I worry about my new job that’s starting soon. When I sing praise songs, I stare at the girl leading worship and wonder if she’s prettier than me. During prayer, I think about my blog…

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