Not In The Mood…

I haven’t been in the mood for writing these past few days. On Tuesday, I left work early and headed to Urgent Care because I was experiencing chest pains and my heart rate was higher than it should be by just shelving books at work. Plus, I have a history of heart-related issues so I thought I should get checked out.

Urgent Care did an EKG and even though it was normal they decided I needed to go to the ER where they could do more extensive tests. And they called an ambulance because they didn’t feel comfortable with me driving.

Turns out the chest pain was muscular, not cardiac, (thank the Lord!) and the heart palpitations were due to the fact that my potassium levels were low. I had no idea heart palpitations were a symptom of low potassium, did you?

So they sent me home with prescriptions and instructions for follow up care.

That was Tuesday. The next day I was off and while I wish I could have stayed home and rest I had no choice but to take my car to get repair work because my car failed inspection last week. When your car fails inspection, you get 15 days to get it fixed. So yeah, I had to spend my day off waiting nearly 4 hours to get my car fixed. But it got fixed, so yay!!

And now it’s Thursday, the 4th of July! Happy 4th! I was off today as well and have spent it doing hardly anything.

I hope you all have had a better week than me! Tell me something exciting you’ve done this week!