What Matters Most

What Matters Most

Everything that we allow into our minds, hearts and lives—everything that we spend our time and money on—has an impact on how we grow, or don’t grow, spiritually.

Craig Groeschel, “Soul Detox”


T.R, over at Inside Cup wrote a really powerful post entitled My Phone Is More Important Than God? that really got me to thinking about how much time I spend away from God because I’m always focused on other things, especially my phone. She hit the nail on the head!

How many times have I lost my phone and have a total freak out moment while trying to find it?

Or how many times have I freaked out over my stats and why my blog isn’t growing?

Christian bloggers and all users of social media be aware of the gratifying sense of stats. Comments. Likes. Followers. Numbers. 

We become accountable to ourselves and the world before being accountable to God. 

T.R Noble, Inside Cup

Why am I not freaking out over someone coming to know Christ? Why am I not freaking out over how much time I spend with the Lord? THOSE are the things that matter!

Spending time with the Lord is what should matter most!

The more time we spend on our phones or the more time we obsess over blog stats is more time that we grow apart from the Lord. 

Our phones, if we’re not careful, can become an idol.  Our obsession with anything other than Christ can become an idol.  (See Who (Or What) Are You Worshiping?)

T.R’s post really opened my eyes! Please, check out her blog!