Prayer Request

Hey friends! I have a big prayer request for you all.

I ask that you remember me on Wednesday and Thursday as I am having some heart tests performed. On Wednesday, I am having an Echocardiogram and will be given a heart monitor to wear for two days. On Thursday, I’m having a Nuclear Stress test.

I think I mentioned a while ago that in 2005 I was admitted to the hospital because it was found that I had Wolfe Parkinson White syndrome or WPW.  Basically with this condition, ” there is an extra electrical pathway in the heart. The condition can lead to periods of rapid heart rate (tachycardia).” The doctors performed a catheter ablation, which “zapped” the extra electrical pathway.

It is very rare but the condition can come back. It can even cause Atrial fibrillation (Afib)

Anyways, with all that said, lately, I’ve been having issues with racing heart and palpitations, with shortness of breath. So these tests are going to see what’s going on with my heart.

So please say a prayer for me that we figure out what’s going on!

Update on Landen (as of 8 hours ago)

Landen is stable. He had a stable day and night yesterday for the most part.

He has been in pain and very uncomfortable at times so he has needed more meds. Thankfully, he is resting comfortably at the moment.

They are concerned about a few things so they are doing an echocardiogram, ultrasound of his stomach, and possibly an endoscopy today.

This journey is exhausting and the fight has been long. We are tired but we will continue persevering and seeking God for Landen’s healing. Please continue persevering in prayer with us. God is able! #landensstory

“To You, O Lord, I lift of my soul. O my God, I will trust in You…” Psalm 25:1-2a



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