Self-hosted (eventually, that is)

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Hey y’all!

So I have decided that I will be going the self-hosted route in the near future. Not exactly sure when but I’m definitely going to be doing it.

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I have been researching exhaustively blogging advice on Pinterest. I’ve checked out books on SEO, on blogging, on WordPress. I’m going to do this right, lol. So it’s going to take some time before I switch over.

So I need some help from you all! What sort of advice, tips would you give me as I eventually take this journey?

I’ve been told that Bluehost is excellent for hosting. If y’all can provide some other hosting sites that’d be great!

(Oh and by the way, pray for us….we are awaiting Hurricane Dorian….we aren’t going to get hit directly but we will feel a lot of the effects, winds, rain and the possibility of losing power.)

Update on Landen (yesterday at noon)

Landen has been agitated but is resting well at the moment. His pain is under better control and his respiratory status is slightly improved. He is liking his break from BiPAP. 

There are a couple of concerns that popped up overnight that they are monitoring. After all tests, they believe the concerns with his heart are related to his renal function and fluid overload. These issues should resolve as those things get better.

There was an issue with the Hemodialysis machine so he has been back on CRRT (Continual renal replacement therapy). They have gotten a good amount of fluid off and his weight is at a good place.

We know you are but please continue praying. It’s very hard seeing him struggle so much. We are thankful for the strength God is giving Landen to fight and our family to persevere. Thank you for your prayers and support. #landensstory

(8 hours ago)

Landen will be getting moved from Cincinnati to Charlotte in about an hour. He has had a rough three days and continues to be in critical condition. They are getting things stabilized for now. We are glad to get closer to home. Please pray for a safe transport.

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