I went to Urgent Care last night because I was feeling miserable. I had been feeling “off” the past couple of days but I woke up feeling worse..body aches, chills, sore throat.

They did the swab tests and everything. Good news, I don’t have the flu or strep (or coronavirus)  but I do have a viral infection with pharyngitis. I feel awful.

How’s your Friday going?



18 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. My Friday Fine Thanks, but although I don’t suffer grand mals from Epilepsy thanks to meds I have had increased Complex & Simple partial seizures during February and start of March

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    1. oh wow! I had a seizure almost 4 years ago and ended up breaking my collarbone in the process. It was a medication induced seizure so thankfully I’ll never have another one. Everytime I get put on a new medication I always ask about the risks now.


      1. Oh boy, what am I NOT on? LOL. In all seriousness however, I’m on Abilify (bipolar disorder) Cymbalta (anxiety/fibromyalgia) Lyrica (fibromyalgia) Benztropine (restlessness) bisproprolol (heart issues) I know I’m forgetting one but those are the main issues.


      2. No, I just had the one seizure. They did an EEG and other tests and it was determined that one of my medications caused the seizure.


      3. I’m sure Epilim or Sodium Valproate as its medically know is a tablet 💊 for bipolar


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