I went to Urgent Care last night because I was feeling miserable. I had been feeling “off” the past couple of days but I woke up feeling worse..body aches, chills, sore throat.

They did the swab tests and everything. Good news, I don’t have the flu or strep (or coronavirus)  but I do have a viral infection with pharyngitis. I feel awful.

How’s your Friday going?




  1. My Friday Fine Thanks, but although I don’t suffer grand mals from Epilepsy thanks to meds I have had increased Complex & Simple partial seizures during February and start of March

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    • oh wow! I had a seizure almost 4 years ago and ended up breaking my collarbone in the process. It was a medication induced seizure so thankfully I’ll never have another one. Everytime I get put on a new medication I always ask about the risks now.


      • Oh boy, what am I NOT on? LOL. In all seriousness however, I’m on Abilify (bipolar disorder) Cymbalta (anxiety/fibromyalgia) Lyrica (fibromyalgia) Benztropine (restlessness) bisproprolol (heart issues) I know I’m forgetting one but those are the main issues.


      • No, I just had the one seizure. They did an EEG and other tests and it was determined that one of my medications caused the seizure.


      • I’m sure Epilim or Sodium Valproate as its medically know is a tablet 💊 for bipolar


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