Stir Crazy!

I’m going completely stir crazy! Oh don’t get me wrong…I have plenty I could be doing. I have tons of books to read, movies to watch, rooms to clean…but I think the idea of me having to stay inside is driving me absolutely insane! It’s the thought that I CAN’T go anywhere that is making me crazy.

The mall I work at has officially closed for the time being. All non essential businesses are closed. I filed for unemployment but it might take some time on that.

So tell me…what are you all doing to pass the time?

6 thoughts on “Stir Crazy!”

  1. I’m a hermit, so nothing has changed for me. But I would add that you can always go on walks, or visit a park (if it’s sparse of people), you just have to stay away from others. Check your local updates on going out for a bike ride and such. I see lots of people outside on bikes now. I hope that helps and that you stay healthy and God bless! 🙂

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  2. I just went for a walk round my neighbourhood here in the UK, but I might have to stop because I found with my daughter’s pushchair it was impossible to keep running into the road to socially distance ourselves from other pedestrians 😦

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  3. I’m also a hermit – mostly due to my health. So I’m pretty used to being home. But the quiet is still so surreal. Especially that they closed the airport, Andy’s pretty much everything else. My kids are also home, so we’re passing the time with classic tv shows and DVDs. Along with music and cooking. Stay well. It won’t last forever

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  4. Praying and reading the Bible, reading other books and blog posts, organizing and straightening up (it helps that I just discovered the show “Tidying Up” on Netflix), doing home workouts 🙂

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