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Top Fan!

I am a HUGE fan of Karen Kingsbury and recently entered a contest to have my name listed in her latest book as one of her top fans and I found out the other day that I WON! I am super stoked!


I have chosen you to be listed in the back of my upcoming book, Truly Madly Deeply, as one of my top fans!! This book is dedicated to you!!

The thing is, I really see you as a friend, not just a fan. Your letter telling me why I should choose you as a Top Fan was so heartfelt, so personal. It truly matters to me that you care so deeply about my books.

I always say, “God puts a story on my heart, but He has you in mind.” Only He could do that, and because of Him, I am most blessed that you and I are forever connected!!

I had the exciting opportunity of meeting my favorite author of all time!

I’ve been reading Karen’s books since college. My friend, Tracy, lent me one of her books and I was hooked from the first paragraph!

I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to all her books. 🙂 And she has A LOT!

Karen knows how to draw the reader in from the first sentence.

She offers a writing course online at Liberty University and I totally wish I could take it one day!

For all my reader friends out there, who is your favorite author?

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