A Critical Spirit

Such a thought provoking post.

Dirke & Lorna Johnson

I have a neighbor I call, Critical-Cathy. If it’s not someone’s yard that isn’t quite right, it’s a trash can left out too long, or too much noise the night before. She greeted me the morning after I had purchased a 2020 sporty-looking red Toyota Corolla. “I see you got a new car,” she said with a belittling tone and eyebrows scrunched a little to the left.

“A pre-owned one,” I said, hoping she wouldn’t judge me as extravagant.

“You know, the police pull red cars over more than other one’s. You better be careful.”

I quipped back, “It’s a good thing I don’t go over the speed limit, isn’t it?” Okay, I know I might have stretched the truth a tad bit. But, I felt like responding, “So should I take it back?” But she probably would have said yes, and then what would I have said?

It seems…

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