Hey y’all! I have a favor to ask.

I’ve been struggling with really bad teeth for years. I’m never going to be able to afford dentures so I decided to ask for help by creating a GoFund Me page. It took me some time to gather the courage to create and share this page because honestly? I feel it’s selfish. But I’m desperate now. Bad teeth can lead to other health issues.

Due to soft teeth and multiple medications that cause tooth decay, my mouth is full of broken and decayed teeth.

I hate smiling because I’m so embarrassed of my teeth.

I am asking for your help in sharing this page and maybe consider donating if you can.

3 thoughts on “Dentures”

    1. I don’t actually have the dentures yet. They are so expensive which is why I started this page.

      As far as eating goes now, I can’t enjoy a lot of food because of how bad my teeth are.

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