I’m Writing a Book! (For real this time)

I’m in the process of writing that book I mentioned I wanted to write 3 years ago, LOL. I’ve got two close friends who are going to keep me accountable and are going to be praying for me as I embark on this journey.

Whether or not it gets published, at least I will have the satisfaction that I wrote a book.

If you want to write, you can
Fear stops most people from writing, not lack of talent.
Who am I? What right have I to speak?
Who will listen to me?
You are a human being with a unique story to tell.
You have every right.

Richard Rhodes

2 thoughts on “I’m Writing a Book! (For real this time)

  1. Kenneth July 23, 2021 / 8:31 am

    Welcome to the club Leigh, I’m writing a book about my Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. I have the advantage of my daughter’s sister in law being a writer helping me. All the best!

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  2. maflake July 23, 2021 / 2:03 pm

    Good for you!

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