Series of Failures?

Came across this wonderful post at the best time! I’ve hit a bump in the road with my “book” project and this post really made me feel a whole lot better!

Ms Peevee B

None of what I tried painting last night turned out the way I envisioned them to be. Usually, I’d scratch them out, throw them in the trash, and sulk into the thought of failure.

But this time, I decided to keep them.

Yes, it wasn’t the expected outcome but from what my art motivation has been these past months, being able to paint 3 little pieces in a couple hours versus not painting at all for days is a progress I needed to recognize and celebrate.

Sometimes we tend to get too consumed by our expectations that we disregard any development we make. We want things to totally change overnight or if possible in a snap. We refuse to see any good because “it’s not good enough” allowing lies of defeat and other unhelpful thoughts, robbing ourselves of the truth that there are actually positive changes going on.

Obviously, I’m…

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