Missing My Best Friend

In college I met so many great people. It was a small college, made up of maybe 400 people, I can’t really remember.

But basically it boiled down to this: if you had a crush on someone….by the end of the day he would know it. LOL THAT’S how small the campus was.

Okay, I’m joking. I think. Maybe. LOL

I met my best friend our freshman year. She was in the student center, sitting by herself so I decided to go and introduce myself….and a friendship began…. 🙂

God knew I found a friend to last a lifetime.

She graduated a year before me (I changed majors so it added an extra year.) and got married that May.

Then we sort of…grew apart. She lives in Mississippi. I’m in Virginia….

Life happened, you know? And I get it. I get that life gets in the way of things sometime. She’s married now, she has 2 kids. She’s busy. I get it. I’m not married, I don’t have kids so I don’t know about the demands of being a wife and a mother.

It doesn’t stop me from missing hanging out with her.

We slowly reconnected a little bit ago and now text each other back and forth.

I miss her so much.

Sorry y’all. I’m just in a melancholy mood right now. I have been going over in my mind all the health issues I have, missing Beth, and digging into my past to pull out memories for my book. It’s dark. But it’s necessary.

Forgive me.

Do y’all have a friend you’ve lost contact with over the years and slowly reconnected with?


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