Let’s Start A Revival!

I came across this quote by Sharon Wilharm….

We’re asking for blessings and relief when we should be pleading for revival.

Sharon Wilharm,

This world y’all. I have no words. Wait, yes I do. People need Jesus! We may be the only Jesus people see.

I’ve been struggling with my testimony at work. Instead of letting Jesus shine through me, I’ve been a horrible witness. Laughing at jokes I shouldn’t. Listening to them curse and not saying something.

I know they know I’m a Christian, but I’m doing a very poor job of showing it as of late. I’m letting Satan have his way through me.

How am I living God’s truth? I’m not….simple as that. I’ve become complacent. I allow Satan to do his thing. He knows my weaknesses, and he is winning.

“First, there is an urgent need for a real, genuine spiritual awakening. Second, God is infinitely able to bring about such an awakening. Third, there are definite signs and portents of revival in the world.

The promise of revival is definite. The need of revival is obvious. 

Billy Graham–The Revival We Need

This prayer below is one I came across awhile back and had printed it out and posted it on my door so that I would see it every day.

Lord, you know how difficult, uncomfortable and frightening it is for me to think about what I might need to change in my life or things that I might need to give up in order to follow Jesus fully. Please deal gently with your servant as you lead me down the road of true discipleship. Please work in my heart what I am unable to work in my heart myself—an undying and unwavering allegiance to your Son alone.”

It’s time to start a revival!

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