Hydration Challenge

34oz Sports Water Bottle

I have always had low self esteem. I’ve never been comfortable in my own body. I hate the way I look, I hate the way I’ve LET myself go. I hate the way I have no self control. My weight has me disgusted at myself. I blame it on my medication but lately I’ve come to realize, it’s my own fault. So I’m blaming ME now. (and my meds a little too)

I am getting ready to start a 60 day hydration challenge. I bought this water bottle from a company called “Live Infinitely” and they hold challenges where you set a goal of how many ounces you hope to drink each day.

Did you know that the amount of water you drink should be half of your current weight? Yeah, ummm…reaching that goal is going to take some time so I’m starting off slow…I’m going to shoot for 60oz for right now.

Even though the challenge doesn’t officially start until Sept 5, I started today for myself and drank roughly 48oz.

I’m hoping that by hydrating myself more and cutting out the soda and sugar that I’ll be able to lose some weight. I realize I can’t just rely on this challenge to lose weight…but that I have to find the motivation and self discipline to start exercising more and eating healthier.

I’ll keep y’all updated on my progress!

Has anyone ever tried a challenge like this?

Check out Live Infinitely.

2 thoughts on “Hydration Challenge”

  1. I got a 40 oz bottle at Walmart (the Bubba brand is fairly cheap and keeps the water cold for quite a while). I try to drink through 2 of them. It helps, too, if you only or mostly drink water 🙂 I allow only half a serving size of soda pop…err most days. I also have a time frame in which I do not. I usually stop around 9 pm and I’ll start again 12:30pm or after 1pm. This gives the body time to digest. I still need to work on getting an exercise routine. My snacking could be better. There are so many factors. Like you shared, take your time. It does not all happen at once. 🙂

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