I’m Still Here

Y’all. I haven’t left. It may have seemed like I had but I just needed to take a break.

How was your Thanksgiving? I went to my dad’s in TN. I just got back Thursday. I had a great time! I even brought something home with me!

Bronchitis. I brought home bronchitis. I went to Urgent Care last night and was diagnosed with it. He gave me a strong cough medicine and a nasal spray and hopefully I’m on the mend. My cough has gotten ten times better just from taking a couple of doses of the nasty liquid. *gag*

I’m considering taking a couple classes at my local community college in the spring. I’m looking at taking Creative Writing and Introduction to Literature. I need to speak with an advisor and with financial aid to see if I qualify for aid. If I don’t, then unfortunately I won’t be able to take the classes.

So pray that the financial aid comes through because I would really love to take a course or two!

Sorry this post isn’t very enlightening but I just wanted to post and let y’all know I hadn’t quit on ya!


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