Writing My Life Story

I was on a roll today with my writing! I have started a daily word count in Google Sheets. I managed to write 1,983 words today! (and ironically…that is the year of my birth! Which, I know doesn’t mean anything, I just thought it was cool.)

Writing means a lot to me. It has saved me. It has inspired me. It has gotten me through some really tough times.

Will I have a good day tomorrow in terms of my word count? Who knows? Maybe and maybe not! But I’m not going to let it bring me down. Well, I’ll try not to.

In other news, my doctor has switched me to Zoloft. I was on it years ago for my depression and while it seemed to work I think I became immune or something so I was put on Lexapro. Honestly, it was so long ago that I can’t really remember why I was taken off of it.

The following paragraph was found on Facebook. I thought by posting it on here that it can show people how bad depression can be. But it also reminds us that it is okay not to be okay!

I suffer from depression and it’s not a good place to be 💔😢. Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them. I struggle; It can be hard to live with me & to be around me when I get like this and I know it. I try my best to control it. I manage to be strong but sometimes I break. So if you see me very quiet, I’m not being rude, I’m not mad at you, you’re not bothering me, I may just need a minute to myself. It’s okay to not be okay, tell someone you’re not okay. (It’s okay). Hopefully, some friends will put this on their wall. Awareness Is POWER…You just have to copy…Thank you 💚 In Support Of Mental Health Awareness 💚

It’s okay to not be okay! Remember that! And if you ever need someone to talk to please reach out to me! You don’t have to suffer in silence or alone.

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