Focusing On the Lord and My Writing 2022

2021 has been a fast year

2020 felt like 5 years in 1.

Here’s to 2022 being a great year!

“fo·cus”: an act of concentrating interest or activity on something.

I’m choosing, as I mentioned in my last post, to focus. I’m focusing on the Lord and I’m focusing on the two classes I’m taking. I’m also choosing to focus on my book project. The two classes I’m taking will definitely help with my book, as I was reminded by some really sweet people in my last post.

Writing has always been an outlet for me. I remember in the fourth grade being asked to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. And while I can’t remember what I wrote about, I DO remember that I loved putting pencil/pen to paper. Telling stories was something I felt I was good at.

I hit some roadblocks throughout the years (including writer’s block) but the writing never truly left me. It was ME who left IT!

However, I’ve recently returned to my first love and cant wait to see where 2022 takes me. in terms of my writing.

Happy New Year!

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