Consistently Inconsistent

The title says it all!

I am so very much consistent…at being inconsistent. It’s who I am but I’m going to try very hard to stop.

(I am also predictably unpredictable. So there’s that…)

I say that to say this: I’m a couple weeks into my two classes and so that’s going to be taking up a huge chunk of my time.

I’ve always been consistently inconsistent. That’s just the way it’s always been. But I know I need to work on my consistency when posting on here.

I am going to try to post on here at least 1-2 days a week. We’ll see!

In my creative writing class we have to draft two pieces writing in the creative nonfiction genre. This has been hard because I’ve never written this genre before…(wait, do blog posts count as creative nonfiction? Hmm…I suppose they could!)

Anyway, the two topics I chose to write about are my battle with my inner demons (mental illness: ADHD, bipolar, etc) The second piece is definitely more lighthearted. I chose to document the time I was an extra on my favorite TV show, One Tree Hill.

These pieces are due on the 26th so I have plenty of time to go back and make last-minute revisions.

In other news…we’re expecting snow this weekend! If you know me, you know how excited I am! It snows (significantly) once every few years. I think our last big storm was in 2018. So I’m ready for the snow, bring it on!

My dad lives in TN and they had 3 storms with significant accumulation. I kept telling him he was being selfish by having all that snow and not sending some my way. And then the weather team forecast we were going to get a good snowfall. HAHA!

I am going to leave you all with this Scripture. As I pursue this writing career I feel very strongly that the Lord gave me a talent for writing and that I’m to use my writing to bring others to know Christ as their Savior.

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for cus?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8

How are you using your talent?

One thought on “Consistently Inconsistent”

  1. Amen, sister! I have been inconsistent in my writing as well. It has been very hard for me to write lately. This post is an encouragement. We definitely must use the gifts God gave us for His glory. Praying blessings and healing for your health. P.S. That’s cool you were on that TV show. Blessings!


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