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no life

i have no life…i have discovered.

i almost never go out. and why is that? because i have no one to hang with! all of my friends are married with kids! and lil ole single me has absolutely nothing to do!

*sigh* i’m very sad about this.

Speak Now

I finally was able to get Taylor Swift’s new CD, Speak Now today. I love it. Call me crazy but her songs are awesome! I haven’t heard a single one that I didn’t like! Makes me want to write songs! lol

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone! Where in the world did 2010 go?? We just had a HUGE snowfall the other day! I LOVE IT! I haven’t seen this much snow in my life! I’m not exaggerating! I live in Virginia….we just don’t see much snow on the east coast!

been working like crazy lately. i’m so exhausted. i’ve been trying to get back into my writing but i have been in this huge writer’s block for months now. it’s driving me crazy! i WANT to write but the moment i sit down to start writing, NOTHING comes! grrrrr…

like right now for instance….i want to write a blog worth reading but my brain just won’t come up with the ideas! *sigh*

maybe if i just start writing what comes to mind…..hmmm…that could be dangerous. lol

i’m wondering if i’m ever going to truly be successful. i mean, i’m 27 years old with a college degree and i am living at home! what is wrong with this picture??? i keep getting plagued by health problems. from kidney stones to frequent sinus problems to migraines….it’s enough to drive a person insane! when will the craziness end so that i can truly live my life?



I think someone or something is out to get me.

why do i say that? because EVERY single time we get a decent snowfall here something happens to where i can’t enjoy it! When I was 12 I had chicken pox….last January I had kidney stones removed. This past Thursday I had to work all day long.


all i want is ONE good blizzard. just ONE! i realize that is probably stupid to want but i want to be able to go sledding….to build a decent snowman….and to have a huge snowball fight.

i’m beginning to think i’ll never get to see that happen.

tomorrow is my church’s Christmas program. we have dress rehearsal tonight and honestly? i dont’ want to go. i am not feeling it this year for some reason. i can’t seem to get my head in it.

it has to be an act of Satan. he’s trying to get me to not want to do anything church related. he knows my weaknesses and knows just when to use them.


well…as usual this time of the year i am sick. i have no voice and a really nasty cough….that hurts. since i don’t have health insurance i get the privilege of treating it myself.

i really wish i knew why i get sick so much. it’s quite frustrating really.

so i thought this entry would be way more interesting but being sick trumps writing today….