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Romans 8:18

Verse of the Week: Romans 8:18... one of the most comforting verses in the Bible to me... no matter what I go through in this life on earth, I know that the suffering here cannot begin to compare with the glory of heaven!!!  Heaven is coming one day and all suffering will come to an eternal end! And eternal life with my Savior begins!!! Praise God!!!I love this verse and what it says! Yes, we suffer many hardships and painful circumstances but if we remain faithful to God, if we keep our focus on Him, we WILL one day be with Him in glory and guess what?

Our pain will be gone! Our physical pain, our mental pain….it will all be gone! God has promised us this!

Are you suffering right now? Do you feel lost with no direction in sight? Turn to Jesus! He will take care of you!

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God loves you and desires for you to come to Him. He won’t force you, however. The decision is yours. I can’t make the decision for you, no one else can. You have to choose to come to Christ on your own.