Opening Up

So most of my family and friends know that writing has always been a passion of mine. But for years I squashed the idea that I could ever do anything with this passion so I stopped writing altogether. I couldn’t seem to get anything GOOD down on paper. I couldn’t get the words out in the way my brain was telling me to. Ugh.

But then last week after doing my devotions the flood gates opened. I knocked out a poem in about 5 minutes tops. That’s not unusual, I used to pop out a poem in minutes. Don’t know how I do it. The words just flow and I get in that groove and everything is great!

Trouble is….if no one is reading my work then what’s the point? So I’m going to share a poem I wrote just this past Saturday. I’ve NEVER shared any of my work like this. Only my mom has read stuff I write.

I’m very critical of my writing (who wouldn’t be, right?) so don’t be too harsh, lol. And I know it’s a little rough around the edges. I need to do some touching up. But I wanted some people to read it and let me know what they think. 🙂

Which Will It Be?

Standing here in heaven

I slowly lift my eyes

I’m standing in your presence

Seeing you for the first time


But my loved ones stand

But they do not see

For they never came to You

They never chose to believe


As I gaze into their eyes

Fear fills their eyes

They’ll never know your love

They’ll never know your peace


So teach me how to tell them

Before it’s too late

How much they need You

For one day they’ll stand before you

Hearing one of two things….

“Depart from me”

Or “Well done”

Which will it be?

Okay, so it’s not really finished. I need to do some touching up. But I’m putting myself out there….I really would like your opinion. Like I said, it’s rough. I know it needs work.


  1. Good one Leigh. The poem looks complete in itself, that is the way its posted.

    Go ahead with the touching you need to do. It definitely should make it better.

    It conveys a good desire.

    I am following your blog right away and will keep in touch. I hope you keep in too.

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