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Blogging Mistakes

So I’ve been seriously considering signing up for Blue Host and becoming self-hosted. I feel there are more options if I were to go that way.

I’ve been searching Pinterest and getting so many ideas and advice. One piece of advice made me freeze and have a mini panic attack. This person was sued for using an image she got from Google. I froze because in many of my older posts I have images from Google. A LOT of my posts have images that I just innocently thought were free game since they were there.

I’m so naive. LOL.

SO I am going to have a chore in front of me as I set to go back through ALL my posts and remove the images I got from Google.

Honestly, I started this blog in 2012 (but didn’t get serious about it until 2017) as a way to just get my feelings out. I knew nothing about starting a blog and honestly, to this day, still don’t.

I’ve also thought about starting all over and deleting this blog, starting fresh with a new name, new design, everything. All the while learning as I go that starting a blog is NOT an easy task.

I’m going to need some help from you all! Let me know what you think would be the best thing for me to do. Going back two years worth of posts and removing the images or just deleting this blog and starting all over again.

Ugh, I just don’t know what to do.

8 thoughts on “Blogging Mistakes

  1. It would be sad if you took down your whole blog. You have a lot of content that can help and encourage other people. If it were me, I’d bite the bullet and work my way back just deleting all photos that are not mine or for sure from a free website like unsplash and with proper credits. The right thing to do is seldom easy. But if it’s right, that’s what God wants us to do.

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  2. Going back would be a task, but well worth the benefits: satisfaction to know it is all your own work, relief from worrying about the proper owners, and revisiting your posts. You may just find some nuggets to revitalize you spirit and therefore rekindle something in your writing. I really would advise against deleting your blog after all of the hard work. YOU and YOUR HEART are all over your blog. You would miss it.
    I’ve thought about doing the same thing regarding music videos because so many have deleted their videos.
    Praying for you on your journey! God loves you, Leigh! 🙂

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  3. Yeah, you can go through and add add a general disclaimer that the images found in your post are Google images. And starting a new blog with a new fresh design could be challenging but also fun! Maybe revamp some older posts from your current blog. But, I wouldn’t delete it.

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  4. Hi, Leah. It think it would be best to just delete all the old post to be safe. Especially if you used copyrighted material (pics and quotes) and just going forward document where you get the pics from in the article or at the bottom of the article to be safe. Sometimes God will have us start something to get a feel of it then make us stop and start all over again to do it better the next time. I hope this helps.
    Be blessed


  5. What you could do is if you make a new blog make this blog private (or you may have to go and individually mark each post as private, but that would STILL be a lot less time consuming than each pic) then on your new blog, you can upload previous posts, just edit the pieces that need editing. You wouldn’t have to do it all at once, but it would give you material to work, too.

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