The Love You Have For Me…..

A while back I opened up and posted a poem I had written. I feel very vulnerable when I share my writings because I really don’t think they are that good. But God pressed upon me to post a poem and so here you go!




It doesn’t matter
How many times I mess up
how many times I run
Or how many times I break your heart.
Because there you are, arms open wide
and willing…..
To take me back

My mind just can’t comprehend
the love you have for me.
I try so hard but fail
Loving you is so easy.
Loving me must be hard….
But nothing is hard for You.
You…..God Almighty.
Patient and perfect in all Your ways

You love me
Despite of who I am
Despite what I’ve done.
I just can’t comprehend
The love You have for me.

9 thoughts on “The Love You Have For Me…..”

  1. Yes Lord your LOVE is indescribable!!! You’re writing is brilliant and its certainly a true blessing that God gave unto to use for his honor and glory to lost! Don’t ever think otherwise or lowly of the talents/gifts the true Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords has bestowed upon you. You’re his work of art and he loves immensely! You’re a terrific writer! Keep up the awesome work! God bless you and continue to use you in Jesus Name! Much love xxoo 🙏💞


  2. Amen ❤ Never be scared to share what God has laid on your heart. Your poem is beautifu because it's from you're heart, it's real and you never know who might need to read it 🙂 God Bless! ❤

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