Let’s Agree to Disagree, Please?

I shared a couple of thoughts in a previous post but I would like to share some more……

What does it feel like to “have the whole world” on your shoulders.

I have no idea…..

I can’t even imagine….

This whole situation of people bashing the Olympic gymnast for withdrawing is infuriating.

As a suffer of mental illness I know what it’s like to not have it all together, to feel pressure to “snap out of it.” (which by the way is the WORST thing you can say to someone with mental health issues.

I can’t say I know what is going through Biles’ head but if she feels she needs to take a rest mentally then LET HER TAKE IT!

Sure, people all over are complaining that she “let our country down” and that she’s “selfish” (are you kidding me with that??) is SO. VERY. MUCH. INFURIATING!

Maybe she was feeling fine when she first got to Tokyo. Maybe she wasn’t. WHO KNOWS BUT HER! And for her taking a stand and backing down is definitely worth praising. If she isn’t mentally prepared for all those moves, she could really hurt herself! Getting “lost in the air” is definitely something I would think is dangerous! She could land wrong and really injure herself.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s totally fine! Seriously, it is! We are all entitled to own opinion.

I hope I’m not coming across as sharp or rude. That’s not my intention.

BUT, I am an advocate for mental health awareness and I am totally #TeamBiles

9 thoughts on “Let’s Agree to Disagree, Please?”

  1. I can’t help but wonder what her critics would do in her position. I can’t image having that much pressure upon myself, and being under that level of scrutiny. Yes, the Olympics is a contest in physical skill, but I would argue it just as much a test of mental health and focus. Simone Biles should not have to sacrifice her health (mental, physical, and spiritual) just for the sake of our country’s pride in this round of the Olympics.

    I commend Simone’s courage, and I wish her the best for her future!

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    1. You’re absolutely right! It’s not just a physical skill but a mental one as well. I applaud her as well because she also suffers from ADHD and having to truly focus can be extra hard.


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